Railway station

Fuyang Railway Station

The Railway Station located in NO.1 Shuguang Road , Yingdong District, Fuyang, Anhui Province , the postcode is 236021. In railway (Beijing - Kowloon), green (Qinglong Mountain - Fuyang), Fu-huai line (Fuyang-Huainan) and Luo-Fu line (Luo river - Fuyang) four railway interchange, geography position is very important. Belonging to the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Railway Bureau,  now the first station. Own the important status in the national railway network.

Fuyang marshalling station parallel lined with 344 rails and automation for the Asian crown, is the largest railway marshalling station, the daily marshalling capacity can reach nearly 18000 sections. By fixed train about 90 per day, the highest daily through passenger train nearly 150, travel passengers are more than 3 million people. Now Fuyang is five road intersection, eight lines in one of the six major network of railway hub, radiation Fuyang and Henan, Hubei parts of cities and counties in the city. Shipping goods by Fuyang hub, can be directly through the Tianjin port, Lianyungang, Shanghai port to sea, also can reach Hong Kong and the international market. Fuyang has been hailed as a big Jingjiu hub city, is China's four big output source of migrant workers.

Traffic Routes:

Taxi:   Howard Johnson Tianzhu Plaza Fuyang   The taxi direct 20 minutes

Bus:   By NO.3 Bus from the hotel   Drive from hotel to the railway station takes 45 minutes

The hotel provides Car rental services.